New to the Saxovent team

On September 1, 2020, Cornelia Sorge took over management of the Saxovent Real Estate division as Head of Real Estate with the aim of developing the division as a platform for innovative and sustainable real estate projects with a low carbon footprint.


Cornelia Sorge brings over 15 years of experience in the real estate sector. As a qualified architect with an MBA from the Technical University of Munich, she began her career as a trainee in corporate planning at Commerz Real in Düsseldorf. This was followed by positions in project development in Hamburg, Nuremberg and Berlin. Since 2015, as a member of the board at PROJECT Immobilien, she has been responsible for setting up commercial project development in Germany.


For Cornelia Sorge, sustainability is a matter of conviction: “The operation of buildings alone causes approximately 30% of CO2 emissions in Germany, which makes up a large part of the climate impact. Added to this are the emissions that arise during production, construction and dismantling of buildings. Innovative real estate projects thus offer a real possibility to make a significant contribution to CO2 savings. Too few competitors are committed to this area with conviction and consistency. With its experience in the field of renewable energies and its credibility, Saxovent has a good basis for initiating green real estate projects and investments.”