New to the Saxovent team

On 10 August 2020, Martin Mitscher joined Saxovent as Head of Solar, to expand the company’s expertise in the solar/photovoltaic market and to further diversify Saxovent’s renewable energy business.


Mr. Mitscher brings extensive international experience gained from c. 10 years in senior positions in the PV industry. As a graduate industrial engineer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he began his career in a management consultancy firm in Berlin with a focus on projects in the solar industry before becoming Director of International Sales and Business Development for Array Technologies in Madrid, where he managed the company’s international expansion.


Mr. Mitscher will take over as head of Saxovent’s Solar business unit and believes that “solar energy is already the most cost-effective and sustainable form of power generation in many countries, and is therefore a central component of a sustainable, CO2-free energy supply. Based on decades of experience in wind energy, it is our goal to establish Saxovent as an important player in the international PV market through smart and ecologically sound investments and project developments.”


The Saxovent team is looking forward to working together with our newest addition.